Send Kevin Porter Jr. to Brooklyn

Kevin Porter Jr has no had a good two years.

Regarded as one of the best high school prospects, he struggled at USC and ended up going 30th in the 2019 draft to the Cavs.

Since then he’s had some…rocky times.

A Tough Start

Along with injuries, Kevin recently had a weapon charge.

This came after a incident where he admitted to drinking earlier and was pulled over with marijuana in his car and a firearm.

Now, the latest incident involved some flying foodstuffs.

The Cavs are now expected to release the embattled young guard.

Meme Me

Twitter is enjoying the schadenfreude, as you can imagine.



However, maybe we can continue the drama on the next team for Kevin.

Unleash the Nets

Can you IMAGINE KPJ on the Nets.

Hear me out, here.

If you build a culture of all toxic people (Kyrie being the leader, of course), would all the toxic people be comfortable being toxic together?

A negative plus a negative equals a positive.

Maximum chaos would be entertaining as hell, but also maybe productive.

The fights and subtweets could all become one, unifying force.

The Nets could burner account and strip club their way to the championship.

Nash needs to UNLEASH the toxicity!

When everything is toxic, nothing is!

Send Porter Jr. to the Nets so he can join his people and throw almonds at whomever he wants.

-Brent Buckley (@bigbucksbuckley on Twitter)

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