Seasons Greetings: The Versatility of Old Bay

It’s not just for Maryland and crab legs, Old Bay seasoning is more versatile than most people give it credit for. The seasoning is quite popular in the Chesapeake Bay area of the country. It’s time we start hyping it up across the nation. I put Old Bay on nearly everything I eat and I am not ashamed of it. It’s marketed as a crab seasoning but its packaging also suggests other ways to use it. 

What Old Bay is Mainly Market For

Crab & Shrimp: –/10

Yeah, I linked the 2 seafood suggestions together. Fight me, I didn’t rate it either! To be totally honest, I’m a super picky eater so I don’t eat seafood. I hear good things about Old Bay and seafood at least!

Poultry: 7.9/10

I love seasoning chicken with Old Bay and cooking it in a skillet. Adding it to breading is also a top tier move. I’ve never tried it on turkey, but I bet that it’s delicious. I’ll definitely be trying it on Thanksgiving since I don’t like gravy!

What Old Bay Suggests

Popcorn: 9.6/10

I had never even thought to do this before until Caylee and Jess told me how genius it was. I was more of an Adobo on popcorn kind of gal. They have converted me, I am a full-fledged Old Bay on popcorn advocate now. I just ate a whole bag of it last night while I binged some Netflix before bed.

French Fries: 100/10

Old Bay seasoning on fries is one of my favorite combinations I didn’t know I needed until roughly 5 years ago. The place in New Jersey served the fried with a cheese sauce. It was the best thing I had tried in so long. Because of this revelation every time I visit my best friend I have to go get french fries at least once. I will also put Old Bay on fries cooked at home or gotten at a fast-food restaurant thanks to my hand dandy to-go keychain tin.

Other Ways I Use Old Bay

Pasta: 7.8/10

I don’t like spaghetti sauce, it’s weird, I know. However, Old Bay is delicious on pasta with butter. It also adds a little pizzaz to alfredo dishes. It’s the best addition to the alfredo kind of Pasta Roni.

Eggs: 7/10

I eat eggs like no tomorrow. My family accidentally had 5 dozen eggs about a month ago. I think I was the main consumer of said 5 dozen eggs. Fried eggs with some Old Bay is just a nice chef’s kiss. Added to a King’s Hawaiian sandwich roll with some ham and cheese, a perfect breakfast sandwich. Another way to use Old Bay with eggs, scrambled omelet style with some broccoli and cheese on top.

Vegetables: 9.8/10

The perfect topping to any side dish, really, but Old Bay is exceptionally tasty on vegetables. Broccoli with some butter and Old Bay will always be loved on my plate. Pairs well with corn as well. We already know Old Bay is good on french fries, so add it to a baked potato and you just made it even better! Roasted veggies, like potato, carrots, and onion or even Brussels sprouts. Don’t hate on Brussels sprouts, you just haven’t had them cooked other than them being boiled. Roast them or sautee them and season with Old Bay, you’ll thank me later.

Final Wrap Up

If you made it this far, first, I’m sorry. Second, it’s clear that I am very passionate about my love for Old Bay seasoning. So much that, thanks to Route One Apparel, I found a travel size container online that’s attached to a keychain. I bought an Old Bay face mask, I really should be stopped. My mom has come home after a grocery trip at BJ’s Wholesale Club with what can only be described as an industrial size container of Old Bay. After looking at their website I learned that I should be buying it online with 30% less sodium. Looking out for my aging health.


-Jess Donahue (@jldx392)

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