Ryan Shazier Is Doing Deadlifts A Year After His Awful Spinal Injury

Last year, Ryan Shazier went down during a Monday Night Football game against the Bengals after attempting to make a tackle. At the time, it seemed like the worst fear for any NFL player was becoming reality for Ryan Shazier. It appeared as though he couldn’t feel his legs. 

It was confirmed shortly after that Shazier had a spinal injury that will seemingly end his career. 

Prayers out to Ryan Shazier, hard to see such a talented player get hurt like that 🙏🏻 #ryanshazier pic.twitter.com/C3edB1U9up— 🎅🏻Will Kingsley🎁 (@wkingsley03) December 5, 2017

We’ve kept up with the progress and shortly after, Shazier was beginning to walk again. Slowly but surely, we were seeing videos of him standing up, and eventually, he regained his ability to walk. Hell, the world even watched as he walked out on stage back in April to announce the Steelers draft pick. 

And now, we have some more progress as Ryan Shazier dropped this bomb on us yesterday. Get out the tissues because this man has fought throughout this process, and is now deadlifting. 

Ryan Shazier is now doing deadlifts and it brings a tear to my beautiful eyes. #Steelers pic.twitter.com/b5oleKuVER— Couch Guy Sports (@CouchGuySports) December 7, 2018

What a God damn legend this guy is. We’ve seen horrific injuries take place on the football field before and to be honest, some that were even worse than what Shazier had gone through. But to watch this guy progress over this past year has been remarkable. 

On December 4th, 2017, Shazier went down with a horrific injury. Imagine trying to stand up or even move your legs, and in that split second realize that there’s no feeling in them? It’s not something that progress’ or something that you know is coming. It’s something that just happens after doing something that you’ve done before, hundreds of times. 

Ryan Shazier should be an inspiration to not only people who are going through these same struggles, but to anybody who is having a tough time with anything in their lives. Think about it. This guy, a professional athlete and one of the best in his profession, had it all stripped away in a second. And now we’re sitting just over a year later, and he’s regaining the ability to not only walk, but lift weights. 

Ryan Shazier is an inspirational story that should be told. Congrats to this guy because the entire world was pulling for him. 

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-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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