Russell Wilson Signs Record Contract with Seattle

A few days ago, Russell Wilson imposed a deadline of April 15th for Seattle to get a deal done with him. If they didn’t, he would table all contract negotiations until after the season. In the 11th hour, Seattle came through, giving Russell a 4 year, $140 million deal with $65 million signing bonus. This now makes Wilson the highest paid QB based on yearly salary ($35 million/year) and gives him the highest signing bonus ever, with both numbers eclipsing the marks set by Aaron Rodgers). This contract keeps Russell in Seattle until at least 2023 and includes a no trade clause.

With rumors of Wilson’s discontent in Seattle looming and with the rumors that his wife Ciara wanted to live in New York, there were rumbles of a Wilson trade, possibly to the Giants. However, those rumors were quelled when the Seahawks gave Wilson the contract he wanted last night. But was it the right move?

I absolutely believe it was. Russell Wilson has shown time and time again that he’s an elite quarterback in this game. Even last year, when his team was supposedly rebuilding, he lead them to the playoffs. Statistically, he’s one of the most clutch players in football. Just to give you an idea, in 2017, Russell Wilson had 19 TDs to 1 int in the fourth quarter with a QB rating of 134.1. If that’s not clutch, then I don’t know what is. On top of his clutch factor, he also never gets injured. This is the man who missed ZERO games after suffering a high ankle sprain. Considering is age, success, clutch factor, and durability, Russell Wilson absolutely deserved this contract and the Seahawks are smart for giving it to him.

-Stephen Brown III (@sbtrey23)

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