Royals Draftee Brady Singer Gives Gift To His Parents That’s Tugging At the Heart Strings

What a way for me to start off the day after Christmas. I feel disgusting, greasy and pretty sure I’m sweating beer but it all went away when I saw this video of Brady Singer giving his parents a gift that brought them to tears.

This is the dream. It almost brought me to tears the first time I saw it. Imagine giving your parents who sacrificed literally almost everything to make sure that you could play the game that you loved the gift of a lifetime.

Look, obviously I don’t know how this kid was as a player when he was a child, but whether or not his parents knew he had a gift for baseball is irrelevant. They sacrificed time and money to make sure that Brady Singer could play the game he loved and that’s amazing in itself.

I’ve said this every time there’s massive hype around a lottery. If I ever won it, the first thing I would do is relieve my parents of all debt and give them whatever they wanted.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a ball player. Good parents sacrifice a ton just to have you in their lives. I mean, let’s be real here, you birth is an inconvenience. Now all of their free time is focused on you and you’re annoying ass. And there’s no kid that doesn’t suck at some point in their lives, giving mom and dad a ton of attitude for no reason.

You owe your parents the world and Brady Singer bringing his parents debt to a hard zero is literally the dream. What a video. I’m sitting over here in my cubicle on my lunch break writing this and the video almost brought me to tears again. The second she started reading that he was paying off all of their debt but she didn’t say it right away, my heart was so close to exploding that Siri was about to call 911. Shoutout to AI constantly listening to your conversations.

Brady Singer casually dropped one of, if not THE best video of the holiday season.

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-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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