Ronda Rousey Is Close To Officially Being In The WWE

USA Today is breaking news that former UFC Bantamweight champion, Ronda Rousey, is close to finalizing a deal with the WWE.

So far we don’t have any details on what she will be doing in the company, but man do I hope she becomes a full time wrestler.

If we remember, Rousey went from being on top of the UFC world, to the bottom in just two matches. Her last fight was back in 2016 on December 30th and everyone was all jacked up for that fight because she was making her huge comeback after losing to Holly Holm in November 2015… And then she lost this one in 48 seconds to Amanda Nunes. Career COOKED.

And as you can probably tell I’m not a big UFC or WWE guy, but this is some interesting shizz. Every once in a while I’ll flip on some Monday Night RAW, but I just don’t love it like I used to. I’ll be honest, I think the WWE is kinda lame now. Way to geared towards kids. Not as edgy as it used to be and wicked boring. I can’t watch an entire episode. And three hours I think it runs now? Are you kidding me? Every Monday I need to set aside 3 God damn hours? There’s no more Undertaker who was my favorite, HBK, or Bautista. Those were the GOATs of my childhood, easily. Nothing brightened up my day more than some Sweet Chin Music to the face of Edge.

But Rousey stepping into this ring makes it a little bit more interesting I guess? Now don’t get me wrong, if she becomes a legit, full-time wrestler I’ll absolutely tune in without question… But probably only for the first one or two just to see how she does. Unless it has my eyes glues to the screen somehow, I’m just out.

It’s a cool thing I guess and the WWE has to take advantage of this. If they swing and miss on this that’s going to be a HUGE blow to the brand. They have a straight up superstar that people are going to tune in just to watch. They need to capitalize. If they don’t it kind of is going to show that they just don’t how to market their entertainment sport anymore.

I’m intrigued… But there’s just not much the WWE can do to rope me back into it. I wish I could be even a little into it at this point… But they need to do something that’s really going to get me to look forward to Monday night. And if they know how to use Rousey, maybe she’s the the golden child.

Written By: Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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