Romelu Lukaku Is Heading To Chelsea

There were rumblings earlier in this week that Lukaku was looking to leave Inter Milan. Now we have just learned that Lukaku is indeed leaving Inter Milan and is heading back to England to play with Chelsea once again.

This move absolutely is a huge change to the landscape in all of Europe. Inter Milan loses their superior striker and takes a step back in the Serie A now in my opinion. Meanwhile in England, Chelsea is solidifying their chances at winning the English Premier League Title by bringing in Romelu Lukaku. Let me tell you how this will impact both clubs and the landscape of all European futbol moving forward.


Chelsea’s Addition Of Lukaku

Chelsea was already my pick to win the English Premier League for this upcoming season. Now with the addition of Lukaku, I think they should be in the running on more of a mainstream level. Chelsea had the third best odds to win the Premier League title before the Lukaku addition, they should easily move up after this signing. Lukaku is a talented striker that can help Chelsea tremendously. He will fit right into Tuchel’s system and I believe Lukaku’s physicality will be the big time for Chelsea. Chelsea gets deeper as a team offensively and they will be threats game after game with the talent that they have right now. There sights are set on a Premier League title, and this might have been the move that clinched their shot at really having a chance at holding up that trophy this year.


Inter Milan’s Subtraction Of Lukaku

The reigning Serie A champions are taking a real step back with this loss of Lukaku. It shows me that they are invested in keeping Lautaro Martinez around and now will have to find a solid partner up front with him. New coach Simone Inzaghi is going to have to make a lot happen for this Inter team if they want to continue to compete at a high level in Serie A. AC Milan has gotten better, Juventus will be back to their contending ways next year, Roma will be a tough team with Rui Patricio in net for them. Lazio and Atalanta are also teams that could be making noise in the Serie A.

After winning the Serie A title there were reports that Inter was looking to cut back on some contracts and to open up the books a little bit. Boy did they do that by letting Lukaku go to Chelsea by transfer. Inter Milan fans might not like it, but it looks like their run at the top could be coming to a close sooner than fans would have liked.


Final Thoughts: 

I will give my final thought about all of this on the next episode of the Yellow Card Podcast. Make sure to follow the podcast on twitter now (@podcastcard). Go check out the latest episode. Also stay tuned for episode 46 which will have a plethora of content that you won’t want to miss out on.


-Chris Jones (@cjoneswho1212)

Featured image courtesy of theguardian.com

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