Roger Goodell Proves Yet Again That he is a Bafoon

Oh, Roger, you dummy. I don’t expect him to be an expert on player evaluation or scouting or anything of that manner, but this is bad. He clearly felt uncomfortable answering this question.

How is the commissioner of the NFL, which stands for National FOOTBALL League, going to say that he isn’t a football expert? How do you expect that to make you look like anything else besides a dumb ass? This just piles on top of the many bad looks he has given himself over the past couple years.

Patriots fans, myself included, love seeing stuff like this. Watching this clown continue to make a fool of himself time and time again is fun to watch. It also gives me something to write about, so thanks for the content, Roger. I can’t wait to see all 70,000 of those clown towels at Gillette Stadium tonight.


Written By: Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)

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