Roger Goodell is to blame for the Pats loss

This article is completely unbias. First off, how on Earth were the Pats allowed to play? Their facilities were closed all week, and players tested positive before the game. I mean, obviously, there’s just so many things wrong with that. Many things wrong with the NFL’s handling of the virus period. Let’s ask ourselves one question: Does the league make the Browns play? Or the Colts? I don’t think so. In my opinion, there is going to be a lot of positive tests from that game. I mean, I don’t think players can have it before the game, and NO ONE else has it. So why did they play the game? Roger Goodell knew the Pats were coming off a tough couple of weeks with few practices. That is the only explanation. Again, completely unbias. More proof, you ask? Why are the Pats only getting their positive test results named? We didn’t hear one thing about the Titans, but as soon as Cam and Steph have it. We knew instantly. Something’s fishy here. Even the test before the game. Starting RB, starting lineman, starting D-line. This is COMPLETELY unbiased! I am just giving you all the information as it is presented in front of me.

Actual Reaction

I think this loss is absolutely nothing to worry about. COVID is making this season wild. That and the Pats need pieces. We knew this. We need a WR. Jules hasn’t adjusted well. He came out with “happily miserable” merch, and I don’t think it’s a stretch to read into that. The memes about him watching Tom and Gronk having fun and he’s watching from a distance is true, I think. Especially watching Tampa handled Green Bay. I’d be pissed too. The boys just went to Tampa to have fun; he’s won his, proved his worth. He wants to play with Brady. Harry hasn’t shown much promise, but the first-year getting real reps. I think he still needs a little more time. The lack of preparation doesn’t help the team when the talent isn’t there. We’re not rolling out Brady and Randy Moss. Cam hasn’t been practicing, and he has no help. That’s not a winning formula. We know that Bill Belichick is the greatest coach, but if he can’t get out there and coach, what use is it? I bet next week they look just as we want them to.

-Mike (@amikewithamic_)

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