Right And Wrong: Players Deserve Their Pay

The internet is rife with whining and complaining. That’s always been the case. But something that really gets me going is when the complaining is done without thinking. without rational. and without really picturing the problem. Lately that has been the contract disputes of the players vs ownership. These disputes have been covered ad nauseum by me, so my intention with the piece is not to go down that road. But let me make it clear, the players deserve to get their pay.

A Little Food for Thought

Its time for a thought exercise. Place yourself in this world. You get a job from a very specific company because you bring a very rare and specific skill to the table, one that only maybe 100 or so people are able to replicate. Your boss, the owner of the company, makes you sign a contract that you will only do that skill for him, an no one else, for maybe 2 or 3 years. He guarantees you your money, and says that as long as you don’t commit crimes, you get it. This company exists because of you and your coworkers. You know that the whole reason that your boss gets a ton of money is because of you, your skill, and your ability to replicate that skill night in and night out. oh, and this skill is hard on your body too.  Now Coronavirus comes, and your company shuts down. But there is light at the end of the tunnel. you may be able to operate again. You may have less work days, but you figure it is what it is, “I will just get a huge amount.”


The owners are simply saying, no, we cant do that. We all know they have the money. We know that they can and they even agreed to it. But now they are backtracking and saying the opposite. And who are people blaming? The guys who put on the show.

The Corona Effect

This virus has done some brutal things. I know of countless businesses and people that have gone bankrupt. Stores closing. People laid off. But do these players, who are being told they WILL play soon, also deserve that fate just because they were given a gift from God to play a sport for a living?

Truly and honestly, these guys deserve their pay. If youre working, you deserve yours. The major mistake and slight on all of this for me is, why make it public? Why has the lack of foresight to see that people will hate you because they simply cant comprehend why you get paid what you do? And now youre arguing like petty children on the internet about it. If anything, this is where they went wrong.

Final Thoughts

All things said, these guys deserve their pay. Organizations have made a lot of money on their backs. Yes they get big bucks, but everything is relative. When in doubt, place yourself in their situation. Imagine some billionaire owner telling you to kick rocks because they cant make a profit 1 year.

-Dave Little (@DLittleMLB)

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