Rick Nash Playing Goalie Last Night Was Bananas & I Think I Love This Man

Rick Nash is becoming one of those guys that gets me jacked up every time I watch him take the ice. It’s insane. The rumors were dropping left and right for WEEKS approaching the trade deadline. “The Bruins have a good shot at landing Rick Nash from the Rangers.” HA! Please. No shot. Thanks for playing guy but do you know how talented Rick Nash is? And if the Rangers are dumping him, do you think they’d send him here? I mean maybe that’s an ignorant opinion on my end because in my head I just figure that New York and Boston would never deal with each other, but nonetheless it’s just too good to be true.

The Bruins add MORE depth to this team that’s already performing light-years past the level that we thought they would this year? Please.

But then I wake up on Sunday morning and all of a sudden I’ve got texts lighting up my phone. My Twitter’s blowing up. Don Sweeney pulls the trigger and makes a trade for Rick Nash. I don’t even care what they gave up for him draft pick wise. And I definitely don’t care about handing the Rangers Ryan Spooner because now the Bruins have TWO lethal lines offensively.

Last night Nash made his TD Garden debut. And athletes know playing here is intense. We care here in Boston. A ton. A load. An eff ton. You know it was kind of a playoff type of atmosphere for him, right? The pressure’s on his shoulders. The anticipation mounting was MASSIVE. And he rolls in here, drops a goal and even plays a little goalie and saves the puck from crossing the line.

Incredible. I love this man. It may just be a spring fling but it doesn’t matter to me. You don’t get it mom, okay? He’s different when he’s in Boston.

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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