Richie Incognito Just Bizarrely Retired

I think Richie Incognito just retired?

Richie Incognito did indeed just retire.

What a wild way to end your career, just randomly tweet at the NFL players association and the NFLPA executive director.

I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure this all time power move makes Richie the first professional athlete to announce his own retirement via cryptic tweet. Also probably the first to just straight up announce it on Twitter.

Not gonna lie here, it hasn’t been the best offseason for Incognito.

First he took a massive paycut.


Then he fired his agent for negotiating the massive paycut (also via Twitter)


Then I guess he just decided to up and quit football. Gotta respect it.

Couple of things on that Vic Carucci tweet:

Richie will not be ending up in the Hall of Fame. No matter how well he played or how good his career was (it was okay), pretty sure the whole “bullied the hell out of Jonathan Martin” narrative wouldn’t look so great on a plaque in Canton.

Blaming football for your liver and kidneys shutting down is the ultimate power play. Pretty sure everyone in the world knows that he was the epitome of a party boy in his early career.

Even though Incognito has been a noted asshole in the past, I respect the hell of him for big leaguing national writers and just announcing he was firing his agent and that he was retiring himself. Nobody can have the scoop first when you drop the bombs yourself.

-Brian Borders (@bborders12)

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