Richard Sherman And The Patriots?

Oh yes, I just went there. It’s that time of year where since there isn’t any more football on TV that you soak up any and all football news. Even if it’s absolutely silly. That is what I’m about to talk about, an absolutely silly theory, that may come true. Richard Sherman is reportedly someone that the Seahawks are thinking about shopping around. Sherman is 29 years old, and coming off of an Achilles injury. That kind of injury is tough to come back from, especially for someone at that age.

Sherman will account for a $13.2 salary cap hit for 2018, and then he would become an unrestricted free agent in 2019. The Seahawks might want to avoid letting him walk for nothing in return, and try and trade him this year. If that’s true then I think the Patriots could use Sherman. Our defense isn’t the best and everybody knows that. There is no doubt in my mind that Malcolm Butler will not be coming back in a Patriots uniform next year, so why not Sherman?

Sherman does come at a big salary cap hit for us, and we all know Bill doesn’t like to just throw money around. He is also coming off an Achilles injury, and we don’t know where he will be in that recovery process. Overall I wouldn’t be mad if we decided to take a chance on Sherman. If he doesn’t end up playing well then we can let him walk the year after. Sherman could help bring some depth to our team, and having him along with Gilmore could help us play better against all the “sorry receivers” in the league who think they’ll be able to dominate us next year.

Written By: John O’Connell

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