Remaining Realistic Patriots Quarterback Options for 2021

Look, I know baseball season’s around the corner. I’m very happy about that. The Bruins and Celtics are in the middle of their seasons. That’s cool to have something to watch after long days at work. But with the Patriots going under .500 in 2020, I need to know how this team is going to come into fruition in 2021. That all starts with the quarterback. I know there’s a few names off the table. Matt Stafford is in L.A. with the Rams. Carson Wentz goes to a Colts team that’s in a great position to contend in 2021. So with those names off the market, who could we realistically see under center for the Patriots come September? Let’s get into it.

Jimmy Garoppolo

Mike Florio makes sense here. Jimmy Garoppolo should be the number one option right now for the Patriots. It makes all the sense in the world. The 49ers don’t believe in him for the long-term and will upgrade if they can do it. Jimmy knows the Patriots organization and offense under Bill Belichick and Josh McDaniels. He’s accurate and can move around in the pocket. The obvious question is: Can Jimmy G stay healthy?

Marcus Mariota

So this is starting to pick up some steam. Marcus Mariota is looking for a starting job somewhere else. The Raiders could still believe in Derek Carr. In that case, the Patriots can probably trade away a 5th round pick for Mariota’s services. This is an iconic low-risk, high-reward type of move. The former 2nd pick of the 2015 draft needs a fresh start. Tennessee was a bust and he’s only the backup with Vegas. Maybe a different system and good coaching can help the Patriots and Mariota.

Cam Newton

Lol. No thank you. Next!

Mac Jones

Here’s another name that the Patriots are heavily linked to right now. Mac Jones has proven he can be a field general and game manager for the Alabama Crimson Tide. Nick Saban and Bill Belichick are very close, we all know that. Saban is probably selling Bill on why Mac Jones would be a great fit in New England. The Patriots have the 15th overall pick in the upcoming draft. Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields, and Zach Wilson will most likely be gone before the Patriots pick. That leaves a guy in Jones that the Patriots could snag and try to develop. Is it ideal? No. But you need something!

In Conclusion

The Patriots need a quarterback and they need it soon. Free agency starts March 15th and free agents won’t want to come to a team where the QB position is uncertain. Make a move and get the ship back on track in 2021!

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-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793)


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