Relax Sox Nation

Red Sox Nation, you need to relax. Micheal Wacha is not a replacement for E-Rod. Yes, I see the side that it really does look like that, but relax Sox Nation because he isn’t. Wacha will add depth and good depth at that. E-Rod was a number 3 starter; Wacha will be 4 or 5 at best. He is an excellent arm to add, so again, relax Sox nation, it will be ok!


Wacha had an ok year with the Tampa Bay Rays last year. In 124 innings pitched, he had 120 strikeouts. His ERA was over five, which is very eye-opening. With that said though, I like the aspect of him being able to eat up innings with an average of a K per inning. He also is very good at limiting walks with only 31 free passes. He is no ace, but when your 4 or 5 starter roles around, all you need is someone that throws strikes and eats up innings, and that’s exactly what Wacha does.


Wacha is depth, and yes, the loss of Erod is tough, but Wacha is not a replacement for him. Put faith in Bloom. You may not like all his moves, but he has done an excellent job so far, and until he shows otherwise, we should trust him. He has made more good moves than bad. So, relax, Sox Nation, we are not done making moves just yet. We will see what other tricks Bloom has up his sleeves.

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-Kevin Perdios (@kperdios15 on Twitter)

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