Red Sox Sign J.D. Martinez

The Red Sox have finally signed slugger J.D. Martinez. It took until Spring Training to get the deal done but the Sox added the piece they need. The deal is a five year contract worth $110 Million dollars. Martinez can also opt out after the first two seasons. Martinez had his best season last year spending time with the Tigers and the Diamondbacks and hitting .303 with 45 HR’s and a whopping 104 RBI’s. The Red Sox have been looking for a big bat since David Ortiz retired and they finally have it.

Martinez will have an immediate impact on a Sox lineup that was begging for more offense last year. Martinez’s stats speak for themselves but not only are his numbers a big addition but his presence makes things easier for the Sox younger core. Now with Martinez guys like Betts and Benintendi aren’t relied on as heavily for production which should make them more comfortable in the box. Hopefully Betts can return to his 2016 form and mash some more MVP type numbers.

The addition of Martinez to a team that won 93 games last year is tremendous. The Red Sox relied heavily on pitching last season but now their offense can pick up some slack and who knows maybe they’ll even win a playoff series.

– Tyler Smith (@TylerSmith4386)

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