Red Sox Sign A First Baseman In Free Agency… And It’s Mitch Moreland

Well the Red Sox made their first big move in free agency today… I guess?

Earlier today it was announced via Twitter… duh… That the Red Sox have agreed to a 2 year, $13Mil contract with free agent Mitch Moreland.

Virtually pulling themselves out of the Eric Hosmer race, the Red Sox opted to bring back their first baseman from the 2017 season. And honestly, as much as I wanted something exciting to happen at first base, I’m glad the team didn’t overpay.

And yeah I know I know. The Red Sox are loaded. The cash in their pockets ways them down so much it’s probably tough to walk. I get that aspect. But you need to remember that hey, yeah they can spend that money if they want to, but if the owners decide that they don’t want to blow the bank on all nine positions and wait for a major signing, than I’m alright with that.

Look, as talented as Eric Hosmer is, he won’t be worth the money that he ends up landing much like every other free agent these days. I know it’s way to late, but my God did the MLB mess this up big time by not giving teams salary caps. It almost makes me sick to see how much money these guys bring in. When David Price signed for a 7 year, $217Mil contract I nearly needed new pants. I hate spending 30 bucks on gas down the street let alone shelling out $31Mil a year.

But anyway back to Mitch Moreland. The first baseman is more well known for his glove than his bat. But he did show some pop with 22 home runs last season. The average is what lacks though being that he only mustard up a .246 average accompanied by 79 RBIs.

I don’t think the team is done. Especially with the team again, virtually shutting the door on Hosmer, I see them throwing all of the money they need to this season to ink JD Martinez. Do I think he’ll hit 45 bombs again? No, but I’m comfortable with 35.

I know Red Sox fans hate to hear this, but I’m alright if the team stays pat and saves their money for a big, monster acquisition next season… Bryce Harper. Imagine the rivalry between Boston and New York with Bryce coming to Bean Town?

I know there’s been a rumbling in the streets about the Yankees potentially planning to trade Stanton after this season to LA in hopes of signing Harper, but with all due respect to everyone who’s written that, I just don’t see that happening. The YANKEES plan on letting a slugger go who will probably shine in the Bronx? Please. That’s almost as believable as Jesse James’ catch being a touchdown last night.

I pray that the idea to make a hard push at Harper is sitting in the front of Dombrowski’s mind. Harper being in Boston would be massive for the Red Sox, Yankee rivalry and would make the Red Sox true championship contenders right alongside the the Bombers. That’s a fact.

Saving this money now makes it easier to go out and get that guy, or extend players that you know will be in search of major contracts themselves soon… AKA Mookie Betts… AKA a future Hall of Fame bowler.

If that’s a big part of why they inked Moreland for relatively cheap dough, than I am more than satisfied with this move. If they did it just because they don’t want to spend that much just to go belly to belly with the Yanks, than John Henry needs to get egged and sell the team.

Everyone join me in saying this. Mitchy Two Bags, welcome home.

Written By: Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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