Red Sox Report: Should Fans be Worrying about the Future?

Dave Dombrowski has stuck around major league baseball for nearly 30 years. He’s a knowledgeable executive that is willing to make tough calls over and over again. The praise of Dombrowski can be heard almost anywhere around the MLB.

Even though Dombrowski is largely considered one of the best executives in all of baseball, he comes with some baggage.

That baggage is the fact that “Dealin Dave” will sell a team’s farm system faster than you can say, “go”. In a sense it’s a good thing. Dombrowski gets proven major league talent over and over to help his franchise win now.

The issue with that is that is that Dombrowki’s team future grows bleaker and bleaker as he stays longer and longer.

With the Red Sox playing so well (and the trade deadline approaching) the question arises; should Red Sox fans be worried about the future of the team? The answer is no. They should be focused on winning now.

People may be hesitant to give up the Sox top two prospects – Michael Chavis, Jay Groome – but this a good team that can win now. Dombrowski has to push all his chips into the center to win this year.

Besides, the Sox have a solid young core anyway. Boston’s future is made up of Xander Bogaerts (25), Mookie Betts (25), Rafeal Devers (21), and Andrew Benintendi (24), so getting rid of someone like Chavis shouldn’t be an issue.

This is one of the very best Red Sox teams you will ever see in your lifetime. Chris Sale, Mookie Betts, J.D. Martnez, Craig Kimbrel and so on. It’d be a shame to have this talented of a roster end up win nothing because Dombrowski was too scared to deal a prospect.

-Jarrod Ribaudo (@Jribs53)



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