Red Sox First Off-Season Task

Now that the horror show of the Red Sox post-season once again came to a crashing end with a whopping 1 win; I think its time to look at the moves the Sox need to make if they want any shot at winning the division again and going past the 1st round next year.

The first move is obvious and that was to get Farrell the hell out of Boston, which has been done, great start…now don’t screw it up! I will be the first one to say I have no clue who should take over the helm of this team strictly because the type of manager we need…might not be in the league anymore or at least available to come in and fill the void.

It is obvious the Red Sox need a guy that will hold the players responsible but at the same time be a mentor and leader for the young players. A guy that has the ability to be able to gage the temperature of the team as well as each individual player, all while making sure they know that he will have their back as long as they are doing their job day in an day out.

Why does that guys sound so familiar? Oh ya, that’s right because that is exactly what TERRY FRANCONA did! Sadly, ownership could not chase him out of this town fast enough and I hope that decision still keeps them awake at night!

It is going to be very hard to fill this void with the right guy, I agree with Dombrowski when he hinted on that it will be someone from outside the organization. That is not shot at any of the other coaches either that is just simply how bad the lack of leadership is in that clubhouse. I hope Dombrowski makes the right move here and gets the right guy for the job, but if he does not…I don’t know if I can blame him that guy might not exist, at least not yet.


Written By: Kevin Perdios (@Perdios95)

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