Red Sox Fans Chanted “A-Rod Sucks” While He Was Live On National TV And Sox Fans Are Officially Back

Boston baseball is absolutely in full swing. Over the past few years, we’ve fallen off a little bit fanbase wise. I’ve been at Fenway, and honestly even Gillette a couple of times where the atmosphere just sucked. And you can attribute that to whatever you want, I guess. The fact that the ticket prices are astronomical and the wine and cheese crowd stinks. Or maybe, if you want to take the cocky but right approach, it’s because we win all the damn time that we just don’t get jazzed up like we used to.

But buddy, last night the crowd at Fenway was roaring and it was straight electricity. The “Yankees Suck” chants after Eduardo Nunez’s home run… fire. Imagine being a Yankee player and being told your team sucks while you’re sitting on the couch watching the game? They probably don’t care but I’d like to think it made them weep sweet, sweet tears.

The fans were loud through most of the game and during the postgame they were going bananas. The Fox postgame show was almost impossible to hear. They were so loud and drowning out everything that the analysts were saying. Right down to Big Papi who got his own “Papi” chants.

Having the crowd erupt into an “A-Rod sucks” chant melted my heart. It was like watching my kid that I don’t have score his own goal. Or Tom Brady’s warm, warm smile.

Keep this FIRE Sox fans. Because honestly, I think the crowd got to Kershaw last night. Even when Sale was taken out, you could tell Kershaw was rattled. His command was all over the map.

Now let’s go grab game two, eh?

And side note. I hate to admit it but I low key love A-Rod post playing career. He’s actually… Likable now.

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-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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