Red Sox Are Back

The Red Sox kicked off their 2021 season with a rough weekend of getting swept by the Orioles. Luckily for them and all of Boston, since then, they have won 4 straight and are now back to a game over .500. Sitting at 4-3 on the year, the Sox still have 2 more games to play in Baltimore before heading to Buffalo to play the Toronto Blue Jays. Yes, you read that right.

Get On The Train Now

Jump on the train now before it leaves the station. The sox have won 4 out of the 7 games they have played, and in case you are not a math guru, that’s on track to win around 92 games. So, while you sit on your couch reading CouchGuySports, just remember we have a baseball team in Boston again. A pretty damn good one at that too.

Why They are Good

The short answer to this question: We have pitching, kinda. The long-winded answer, the guys that should perform, are and then sprinkle in some guys over performing. J.D. is back to the J.D. of 2019 and the offense is feeding off of that. Jumbo Dong is absolutely smoking the ball and I am here for every minute of it. Our starters have been overall throwing the ball very well, and when we turn it over to the bullpen, outside of Darwinzon Hernandez and Matt Andriese,  they seem to be taking care of business.


The Sox will play very competitive baseball this summer. Not saying they will be the 2018 Red Sox where they can go through the motions and win 108 games, but they should be competitive and fun to watch this year. They will have to scrap and claw for most of their wins which makes for entertaining baseball this summer. Without sounding like a fan from some loser franchise like the Yankees, where they are fine with getting bounced in the Wild Card game every year and never winning championships in the last decade-plus, I am fine with that for this year! I stand by my prediction from last week that the Red Sox will win 90 games this year. It may not be pretty at times, but they will get there! You can all go make fun of one of our fearless leaders here at CouchGuy, Al Nahigian, now because this man was writing us off after the first weekend. Some Sox fan he is, huh?

-Kevin Perdios (@Perdios95)

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