Realistic Free Agent Targets For The Celtics

Kyrie Irving, Al Horford, Marcus Morris, Terry Rozier, Daniel Theis, and Aron Baynes all have the potential to be free agents. That means the Celtics are going to look a lot different going into next season. Here are some free agents that the Celtics should target whatever direction the team decides to go to.

JaMychal Green (PF/C): Splitting time between Memphis and the Clippers last year, Green has been a consistent role player for the past few years. Green doesn’t have a lot of athleticism but has a lot of skill. He’d be a great bench player behind Tatum and Horford.

DeAndre Jordan (C): If Al Horford decides to leave, the Celtics will have a gaping hole at center. Jordan isn’t the same player he once was with the Clippers, but he’s still good for 10 points and 13 rebounds a night. He’d fit well in the front-court with Hayward and Tatum.

Enes Kanter (C): After being released by the Knicks, Kanter made a huge impact during the Trail Blazers’ playoff run. While he still struggles defensively, Kanter is a walking double-double. He’ll have to improve his defense to win favor with Coach Stevens.

Elfrid Payton (PG): It’s hard to imagine, but Elfrid Payton is still just 25 years old. After being traded from Orlando, Payton has bounced around the league. If Irving and Rozier both leave, Payton feels like the perfect project for Stevens to work on. Plus he’ll come for cheep which Danny will like.

Ricky Rubio (PG): Rubio went on record the other day saying he is not expected to be back with the Jazz. If that’s the case Rubio would be a good veteran to add to the Celtics. Rubio is a pass first point guard which would help Brown and Tatum develop at faster rate.

Thaddeus Young (PF): If Irving and Horford come back, the Celtics will be considered Finals contenders once again. With Marcus Morris expected to be gone for a big payday, Young could fill that role of being a veteran swing-man off of the bench.

Steve Santoro (SVS_1993)

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