Reading Between the JD Martinez Clues

Hahaha I’m sorry, what? The Red Sox have done approximately nothing that represents a significant change. Literally the only two major league free agents they’ve signed are Mitch Moreland and Eduardo Nunez, both of whom were on the Red Sox postseason roster (well Nunez was until his knee exploded after his lone at bat). Where has John Henry been this offseason?

Maybe Henry is so old now that he just sees the color red and gets confused as to which team he’s talking about. I imagine when you’re so old and rich that you own two different franchises, things just kinda blur together. The soccer club that Henry owns, Liverpool FC, does look much different. Gone is Philipe Coutinho , in is Virgil van Dijk. Does anyone care about that ? No? Alrighty then, back to the Red Sox, who don’t look even the smallest bit different.

The only speculation that I have here is that Henry was just told big news , got as giddy as a small child on Christmas, and couldn’t contain his excitement. He let the cat out of the bag, before the cat was actually out of the bag. Look at this from Buster Olney:

Olney tweeted that at 11:12. Rob Bradford tweeted the above Henry quote at 11:00. I know that Olney’s tweet was a response, but the time window fits together perfectly. Both of these tweets come on the heels of the Instagram comment like seen around the world:

Also included in the file of maybe it means something, maybe it doesn’t: Alex Cora followed Martinez on Instagram last week. Cora went to the University of Miami, and Martinez is from Miami, but if the two were friends they would have already followed each other.

The buzz in the media is growing and someone told John Henry something that caused him to get so excited that he dropped an accidental truth bomb (it’s either that or he’s a clueless hack that shouldn’t run and MLB franchise. You choose). Gut feeling? Something big is about to happen between the Red Sox and JD Martinez.

-Brian Borders (@bborders12)

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