Ranking the top three divisions in the NFL

That’s right, its game week. We’re so damn close to this NFL season and I’m here for all of it. Let’s dive into an outlook for the 2019 season by ranking the best divisions in the league for this upcoming season. Here’s the divisions that have three legitimate playoff contenders in them, making for a dog fight for division supremacy come season’s end.

1. NFC South

The NFC South has been one of the top divisions in football for some time. It’s been one of the best in large part due to the stellar quarterback play that’s existed in the division for several years. Drew Brees, Matt Ryan, and Cam Newton have all been MVP contenders or winners at one point in their careers.

Those three all play for teams that can realistically win 10+ games this year. Meanwhile, the Bucs remain at the bottom of the division. But, hiring Bruce Arians at head coach and Todd Bowles at defensive coordinator this offseason bodes well for Tampa’s future.

2. AFC North

Another division with three very good teams. This division race will be a fun one to watch unfold. The Steelers have the best ownership, coach, and quarterback in the division with a solid enough roster around it to do damage again.

They’ll also be extremely motivated and therefore more buttoned up than usual this season. With all of the hype and talk surrounding the Browns while the Steelers are in uncharted territory entering this season with little buzz surrounding them.

Once again the Ravens have one of the great defenses in the league. That vaunted unit at their best and the most mistake free version of second year Baltimore quarterback Lamar Jackson will allow the Ravens to contend.

Lastly, the Browns have received the most hype this offseason. Their roster is loaded on both sides of the ball. They may be the best team on paper in the conference, but have to prove it in between the lines before they’re crowned. Cincinnati is still Cincinnati until further notice. When you’re most famously known for a Bill Belichick post game quote you know its been a tough stretch for your franchise.

3. NFC North

Aaron Rodgers, the Bears defensive unit, and the Vikings well rounded roster highlight the NFC North. Expect Rodgers and the Packers to be reborn with new head coach and young offensive mind Matt LaFleur taking over for Mike McCarthy. Green Bay has also upgraded their defensive unit recently through solid draft picks.

All world man Khalil Mack and the Bears defense is young, hungry, and dangerous at all three levels. With another year of that unit together, and offense guru from the Andy Reid coaching tree Matt Nagy running the show on offense, Chicago is a force to be reckoned with.

Lastly, Minnesota is looking to bounce back after a disappointing 2018 where they lost out on a playoff spot in the final week of last year’s regular season. Their roster is still one of the best in the NFL and they’ll be right in the thick of things up north.

-Simon Brady

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