Rachel Nichols And “The Jump” Out At ESPN

Today, ESPN broke more major news that continues to shake up the network.  Longtime NBA commentator, Rachel Nichols, has been removed from all NBA programming and her NBA-centric show “The Jump” has also been cancelled.

In my opinion, Nichols was always the best basketball person on the network.  Her, alongside Jalen Rose and Amin Elhassan, really carried the full season NBA coverage.  Obviously everything that happened this year with Maria Taylor affected Nichols and her show’s future.  So maybe this was ESPN’s plan all along?  Or are they just moving Nichols to somewhere else?  Personally to me, she is NBA coverage.  So moving her to the NFL, MLB, or NHL would take some getting used too.  But I feel like moving Nichols was going to happen regardless.

But the real surprise here is the cancelation of The Jump.  I have been a huge advocate for The Jump and have always said it was ESPN’s best show.  So why cancel it?  I think what Nichols and Richard Jefferson were doing was great.  But once again, similar to Kellerman leaving, the people’s opinion doesn’t matter.  If ESPN really wanted Nichols gone that bad, why cancel the only dedicated NBA show on the network?  Just replace her with Malika Andrews who has done a fantastic job covering the sport anyway.  I honestly don’t think ESPN was thinking here.  They probably wanted to fire Nichols and the only way to do so was to totally eradicate everything “Nichols” from the network.  But where does this leave ESPN with a dedicated show to their number one customer, the NBA?

Unless ESPN has something planned with a full-season dedicated NBA show, then why cancel The Jump?  Just replace Rachel Nichols with Andrews on “The Jump” and move on.  No need to rip the hearts out of every NBA fan in the country!

-John (Uncle_mac4)

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