Puppy Dies After Being Placed in Overhead Storage During Three Hour Flight

“A grieving family is speaking out after, they say, a United Airlines flight attendant forced them to put their dog in an overhead bin, where he died in flight. The 10-month-old French bulldog was kept there for the entire three-and-a-half hour trip from Houston to New York Monday. The family heard him barking in the overhead compartment for two hours. The airline has apologized.”CBS NEWS

Wow. A lot to digest here. First off, everyone involved; the flight attendant, the pet owners, and any witnesses should be thrown in jail forever. Madness.

There’s been a phenomenon in recent years with airlines letting more and more dogs on planes. Do I agree with it? Probably not. If I want to head down to Tampa to catch some waves on my boogie board I shouldn’t have to sit next to a German Shepard.

That being said, I know there are people with certain conditions who benefit from having a service animal. Personally, I’m all for that. The issue I see is that it’s super easy to make your pet a service animal so some people are taking advantage and bringing their lizards and shit on airplanes. For example, my dog doesn’t listen and is constantly shitting on the floor but for a small fee I can print something out that says he’s a service animal. He would be an embarrassment to the shield.

No matter where you stand on service animals though, or dogs on planes in general, I think its probably mutually agreed upon that this incident never should have happened. Shame on the flight attendant for telling someone to put their dog in a dark overhead storage compartment. Shame on the owners for agreeing to it. Shame on other passengers for not standing up and saying, “Hey, leave that fucking dog alone!”

Shame all around and RIP to that pup.

P.S. while looking for pictures of the puppy I noticed The New York Post published a photo of the dog’s dead body. Have some god damn class New York Post.

-Steak Jones


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