President Trump Thinks That Maybe NFL Players Kneeling Shouldn’t Be In The Country At All

The new set of National Anthem rules came out recently after nearly every owner voted to pass these new standards.

Just to keep it brief, players now have the option to stay in the locker room if they so choose during the National Anthem ahead of games. But if they decide to come out to the field, they must stand or they will face discipline from the league. Obviously, since the moment that these rules came out, people have been rattled all over Twitter. Because if you need a place to be rattled, go to Twitter.

President Trump responded to the rule changes on Fox News and if he wanted us to know one thing, it wasn’t really him who pushed this agenda forward… But it was the American people who did.

I may not be a Trump guy, but just strictly for content reasons, you need this guy around. He just sticks his nose into legitimately everything right down to Tomi Lahren getting water thrown at her while she was at brunch. I mean, who needs to pay attention to foreign affairs when Tomi needs your help on Twitter?

Obviously, this was more tongue and cheek but the move to say that players maybe shouldn’t be in the country is such a ridiculous take that I’m not even remotely phased by it anymore. He just says these things and at this point, I can’t get enough.

Do I like the guy? No, but I’m always impressed with how he’s able to just say these things and not think twice about it.

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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