Predictions for The Tour Championship

This is it!  We have finally arrived to championship weekend!!!!  This weekend at East Lake in Atlanta, the 30 best golfers in the world (FedEx Standings) will dual it out for the $15 million first place prize.  I for one am very excited and hopefully this blog can break down some betting tips and what golfers I think will do well.

Favorites To Win

It is no surprise that Dustin Johnson and Jon Rahm are the two favorites to win this thing.  I mean did you see their match last weekend?  Imagine if this weekend comes down to a $15 million putt?  I would throw up for them.  But anyway, betting DJ or Rahm is safe.  However, it might not make you much money.  DJ is coming in at +188 and Rahm isn’t far behind at +300.  DJ, however, does have a 2 shot lead over Rahm before this thing even begins but we all know how much DJ loves to choke the lead away and make things closer for everyone.  But frankly I’m not sure if I see that happening this weekend.  DJ has been very consistent with his play and starting at -10 is fucking huge.  I can see him easily running this up to -24 before Sunday.

Who Can Win Outright

I have a few who I think can win this thing outright.  I, for one, LOVE Rory McIlory and Webb Simpson to take this.  Webb is only starting 4 back from DJ. But I’m not sure if there is a better putter on tour than him.  If he can get hot with the putter (which he is very much capable of) then he can really distance himself despite starting at -6.  And as for Rory, I like him a lot.  My gut this whole week was telling me he’s going to come out and play for this thing.  However, it might be way to risky to take him.  Granted he is coming in at +2200 and at -3 to start, but his wife is in labor and due any minute.  Obviously if that happens he’s going to pull out but if she has that baby in time, Rory is going to come out with some daddy hacks.  And as for a guy who was number 1 for so long and he hasn’t really done much, it has to be on his mind.  But think if he becomes a dad then he’ll play some really stress free golf and light up the score card.

Dark Horse

Each event always has a dark horse.  A few weeks ago my dark horses were Justin Rose and Webb Simpson, but this week I love all the young guys.  Collin Morikawa, Sungjae Im, Xander Schauffele, and Cam Champ are all young guys who can smash the ball and get that ball up and down.  And all of them are coming at pretty decent odds.  Im for example is +12500 and is starting at -3… same as Rory.  Also, we can’t forget about Morikawa who is starting at -5 and is +2200.  Morikawa has been one of the best golfers in the world this year. His PGA Championship showed that he has the balls to go out and win this thing.

My Bold Prediction

As much as I love Rory, I’m not sure if he is even going to be there.  So, I am going to make a bold claim and I picked him years ago when he shocked the world and won The Masters.  Patrick Reed.  My logic is simple.  This is a guy who’s at -3 and no one gives a fuck that he’s even there.  He hasn’t played the best golf this year but has recently been starting to play well again and like that Masters champion from a few years ago.  He’s an elite golfer, who has absolutely no pressure on him to win this thing.  I have read several golf blogs and tweets and not a single one has said a word about Patrick Reed.  As much as I think Rory or Simpson can win this, I love Patrick Reed all around.  He’s at -3 (same as Rory) and is +6600 to win.  With those odds and who he is as a golfer, it’s tough to just overlook him.  And there’s nothing better than an elite golfer being overlooked.

-John (Uncle_Mac4)

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