Predicting NFL Teams With New Quarterbacks In 2021

With the 2020 NFL season being four weeks in already it is time to take a brief look at the future. Every NFL team looks to have a solid starting quarterback on its roster. Some team’s already have their quarterbacks, while others are starting to think that they will need one soon. With that being said here are my predictions on what NFL teams will have new quarterbacks in 2021, and who they will be.


New York Jets: Trevor Lawrence

I think it is safe to say that the New York Jets are going to end up with the number one overall selection in this upcoming draft, and I believe they will use that number one pick to take Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence. Lawrence has been a highly regarded prospect since his Freshman campaign at Clemson. He is the quarterback that teams that are in a rebuilding mode would love to get. Yes; they do have Sam Darnold at the moment, but I think he gets moved (continue reading to see where I think he goes).


Atlanta Falcons: Deshaun Watson

I am going a little bold with this one, as I see the Atlanta Falcons ending up with the number two selection in the 2021 NFL Draft. Atlanta in my opinion should shop that pick to Houston and get Deshaun Watson in return. Watson has been a great quarterback for the Texans in his career, but he needs a change of scenery. Putting him with a very good offensive coordinator such as Dirk Koetter makes this a match made in heaven in my eyes. Also with the weapons that the Falcons have Watson can help turn this offense around in a hurry. Don’t forget Falcons fans that Matt Ryan is currently 35 years old. Got to think of the future now, and Watson can be that guy for them.


Houston Texans: Justin Fields

Justin Fields in my eyes is another can’t miss prospect, and with Houston trading Watson for the second overall selection. It makes perfect sense for the Texans to be looking for a quarter back. Fields could be that guy for them, as the team enters a potential rebuilding phase; Fields can help that offense tremendously. He is a solid all-around quarterback, and will be perfect for the Texans in the future. Look for Houston to try and dump of Watson’s big contract that they just gave him to get a younger guy for their future.


Pittsburgh Steelers: Sam Darnold

You could call me crazy here, but I think this is going to be Big Ben’s last season in the NFL. I just think the Steelers are going to look ahead to the future and to make their star wide out very happy. To make Juju Smith-Schuster very happy I believe that the Steelers will trade for New York Jets quarter back Sam Darnold.

Now I can see you reading this and saying why would Pittsburgh want to do that. Well Darnold and Juju played together at USC so the chemistry is already there between them. Also I see Darnold as a quarterback that could absolutely flourish in Pittsburgh’s system. This could be a step in the right direction for Pittsburgh for the future, as we saw Mason Rudolph and how he looked. With Darnold you are going to get the best out of your star wide receiver, and you will still be able to compete in the AFC for years to come.


Jacksonville Jaguars: Matt Ryan

Now this is the one that is going to shock absolutely everybody. Come on now, Jacksonville wasted money on Nick Foles why would they waste money on Matt Ryan. Well here is why, first reason is that he has an opt out after the 2021 season. He could very well play one season with the Jaguars and then opt out to go somewhere else. Second reason is that if he does stay long term, his cap hit isn’t high in the final two years of his deal. Ryan could easily be their guy for a couple seasons while they develop a young quarterback such as Trey Lance from the 2021 class or Sam Howell from the 2022, etc. Jacksonville has options, and with Watson going to Atlanta; expect Matt Ryan to be on the move.


-Chris Jones (@cjoneswho1212)

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