Philadelphia Releases A Statement Saying No Fans At Phillies Or Eagles Games This Year – BOOOOOOOOOOO!

The city of Philadelphia released a statement banning fans from attending games in person for the 2020 season. ¬†Buddy, if you thought the city was going to burn down after the Birds won the Super Bowl, you ain’t seen nothing yet. ¬†Philly lives and breathes sports. ¬†This isn’t entertainment for us, it’s our lives. ¬†In 2008 I skipped school to go to the Phillies parade. ¬†I flew home from college to watch the Super Bowl with my family because we all waited our entire lives for that moment. Now they tell us we can’t go to the games? That’s downright dangerous to our health. ¬†It is a violation of our civil liberties.

Sure I wouldn’t have gone anywhere near a large crowd like that anyway but I still want there to be people there when I watch it on television. ¬†I can’t be alone with my own thoughts when an Eagles defensive back gets torched for the 5th time in one game. ¬†Or when Hector Neris blows a lead late for the Phillies. ¬†I need people on my television to boo with me while I sit on the couch and throw things around my apartment. ¬†Listen it’s a game in Philadelphia, there’s way too much alcohol in our systems for us to get coronavirus. ¬†Alcohol kills germs dummies. ¬†Its science, read a book. ¬†There’s only one thing to do now. ¬†Throw snowballs at the mayor of Philadelphia.

-Jon Sensi (@jon_sensi)




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