Phil Mickelson Wins His Second Senior Tour Event

Yesterday, Phil Mickelson won his second Champions Tour Event in as many as he’s played.  He came back to beat Michael Weir in the Dominion Energy to win the event at -17.  After his win, his fans and golf fans around asked the simple questions of, “when is he going to play full time?”

I think we’ll see Phil officially transfer over to the Champions Tour next year.  He literally has nothing else to prove on the PGA Tour.  I know people will argue about him wanting to win the US Open but that window has officially closed.  Of course he is going to continue to play in majors and other events but the guy already has a lifetime tour card.  He’s achieved that years ago and now he has the luxury to go back and worth between the PGA and the Champions Tour.

I also think the Champions Tour will translate to him being better on the PGA Tour.  As much as we don’t want to admit it, Phil and Tiger are getting old.  They simply can’t keep up with the elite golfers in the world and they won’t be able to in the future either.  Phil is going to have to totally change his game to be more suitable and forgivable, and to be able to develop that “old man” swing that we all know of.  You can no longer hit the driver recklessly and then just rely on a great iron shot.  Instead you have to get that driver in the fairway and still be a solid 20, 30, even 40 yards less than what these big guys are hitting it and then hit a hybrid or long iron.  I think right now, Phil is trying to keep up with these young guys and tries to hit bombs but he can’t.  He has to change his game or at least his mindset.

I think the Champions Tour can help with this new strategy.  He clearly doesn’t have a worry in the world when he’s playing on the Champions Tour.  He just goes out there, hits from the whites and plays like the best 50 year old in the world.  However, it’s his confidence of not being who Phil used to be on the PGA Tour is what is killing him this year.  I am all for the new and improved Phil and I hope this Champions Tour can give him what he needs to win again on the PGA.

-John (Uncle_mac4)

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