Peyton Manning’s Super Bowl Party Skit Was A+ At The ESPYs Last Night

Post NFL career Peyton Manning is 100 times more tolerable than Peyton when he was in the league. Now when he does commercials and gimmicks, it’s clear that it is strictly to keep the money flowing. I mean the guy’s retired, what else is he supposed to do? And it’s a solid way to bring in some dough.

But I was a big fan of Peyton Manning last night as host of the ESPY’s. I cared as little as possible for this weak award show so I barely turned it on. But I caught glimpses of it throughout the night and of course got pieces of the monologue by just scrolling through Twitter.

His “Super Bowl Party” skit was A+ too and gave Patriots fans a little something to watch being that for the most part, we will NEVER get sick of those highlights.

I love that he can make jokes like that. Self deprecating humor is the best kind of humor.

By the way…

FIRE. I don’t care about the reports coming out today saying that KD was in on it. It was still such a solid roast.

Written By: Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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