Peter King Gives Us an “Old Man Yells At Cloud” Tweet About the Hot Dog Eating Contest

Every single Fourth of July we’re treated to a bunch of grown adults grossly demolishing hundreds of hot dogs in minutes in the name of being dubbed the champion of the Coney Island Hot Dog Eating contest. While most people either love the event or just don’t care about it, there somehow is someone who has a pure disdain for, again… a hot dog eating contest. And that man is the well known ProFootballTalk writer, Peter King.

So there are either one of two things happening here. Number one is that Peter King is just looking for some Twitter applause form the masses. Something like, “You go Peter! You’re really giving it to those monsters who support such a savage and juvenile event!”. Or the second option, he just really, genuinely sits there and the hatred for hot dog eating contests stirs inside of him.

Look, I have all of the respect in the world for Peter King. I really do. The guy is a well-versed writer who has been one of the top names in the sports media world for what feels like forever now. But I mean, come on Peter, are you seriously this upset over a once a year event? Do you think that if they stopped this one specific hot dog eating contest that the hungry children in the United States would all get fed?

I just couldn’t imagine sitting at home and stewing about something like this. And the thing is, this isn’t a new thought either. I was thinking about it when I saw this tweet earlier. I was like, “I for sure have seen something like this before from him”. So I start looking around and find an article from The Big Lead on this. And yupp, there it is. Peter King’s old tweet about this same thing in 2017.

One of two things happened here. This man’s been brutally attacked by multiple hot dog vendors, or a Frank stole his girl when he was younger because his blind hatred for an event that we all watch is wild.

Joey Chestnut is a living legend. Let’s not cast a shadow on the event that’s brought to light one of the greatest athletes of our generation. Now let’s all pay our respects and watch him dominate another Coney Island Hot Dog eating contest.

-NickQuag (@NickQuag)

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