Peter Gammons Has Lost It

Once one of the best baseball writers around, now he’s become a space cadet.  Peter Gammons has lost it. A Boston native and a long time writer for the Globe and once a staple on ESPN, Gammons now writes for the Athletic.  However; his awful Twitter game has taken the internet by storm.  Check out some of the legendary tweets:

What the hell do any of these mean?

Poor attempt at humor it looks like.  But there is one tweet that takes the cake.  There is one tweet that makes you not only question him but maybe life itself.  This tweet was pulled so far out of you know where, we may never figure it out.

Trying to connect Yankees Suck chants to political rallies?  Come one, that’s stretching it too much.  Peter Gammons has been quite political lately as that is his right to do so but trying to push a political view like this is as a stretch.

Whether you agree with his views or not, I think it’s safe to say that he’s begun to lose it.  It’s too bad because he’s tweeted some very useful and relevant facts this postseason, but these tweets, are just mind boggling.  Who knows, maybe he’s reached a point in life where he just doesn’t care.  But Gammons will to continue to do what he thinks is right, but I think many of us wish he’d separate the political post from the baseball ones.


-Brian Berard (@CouchGuyBrian)

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