Pekka Rinne jersey enshrinement

A couple months after playing his last hockey game for the Nashville Predators, Pekka Rinne will get his number 35 retired forever. Rinne is not a doubt, the best player to for the team. He holds many team records and also has some NHL records as well. Pekka played 15 seasons with the team and appeared in 772 games and 414 of them were victories. He was a eighth round pick -258th overall- back in the 2004 NHL draft.

The Beginning

Pekka Rinne came to the team back when the team was still less than ten years into the league and in a place where a lot of people didn’t know if hockey would work and last there. Fast forward to the end of his career, Nashville is considered a player favorite for guys to come play for and against. The fans are loud and crazy, the environment is awesome and even better organization. Everything just fits and Pekka help bring it all together. Pekka was with the team during the good and bad times. He was there early in his career when the team would miss the playoffs, to where toward the middle to the end, were usually in the playoffs.

The Accomplishments

The 2017-18 Vezina trophy winner is an absolute legend and could make an argument that he is the best Finnish goaltender of all time. He has the stats to back him up.

Some Stats Worth Checking Out!

GP- 683 (1st)

GAA- 2.43 (2nd)

SV%- 0.917 (4th)

Wins- 414 (1st)

Points- 15 (3rd)

Only other question left for people to answer about Pekka is if he is hall-of-fame worthy? Now I’m biased and believe he should get in the hall, but not having a cup isn’t great, but hopefully the stats prove to voters that he belongs in there with the greats. Pekka will forever be a legend to Predators fans and other people who watched him, I’m happy that he is getting the recognition he deserves!

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~Ryan Veal (@TheVealMobile on Twitter)


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