Pedro Martinez Isn’t Worried About the Red Sox and Neither Should You

The Boston Red Sox are off to a 1-4 start on the 2019 season. They lost again last night, this time to the Oakland Athletics 7-0. A lot of the blame has gone to the inefficiency of the starting pitching and some Red Sox fans are starting to panic. But have no fear Red Sox nation! Pedro Martinez isn’t worried about the Red Sox starting pitching.

Pedro Martinez, THANK YOU for saying what every other Red Sox fan should be saying! Red Sox fans, it’s 5 games into the season; RELAX!

Yes, the starting pitching has been awful through one full rotation. But remember, this staff is very highly talented when they all are on the top of their game.

In Conclusion

The Red Sox are on the road and they still are in Spring Training mode. If the great Pedro Martinez tells you not to worry, you don’t worry. This team is still exceptionally talented and they will pick it up within the next few weeks. You keep hanging in there, Red Sox fans!

-Alan Nahigian (BigAl2793)

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