Paul Pierce Getting Bill Russell’s Blessing Might Be Better Than Having Your Number Retired

You might as well take the number 34 back down from the rafters. After getting this congratulatory Twitter video from one of the greatest basketball legend’s to ever live, this is all you need.

Forget about the hall of fame. Forget about being seen as a cemented name in basketball lore until the end of time. This is it for anybody to ever throw on the green and white.

Paul Pierce did so many things for the Boston Celtics. And not to get sentimental, but if there is anybody who deserves to be remembered forever in the Garden, Paul Pierce is clearly among them.

Anybody who disputes that is just looking to troll and you shouldn’t give them that luxury of firing back. Don’t be a dummy. Coming from somebody who can’t resist when someone tries to start an argument – even when I know they’re doing it just to fire me up – just shoot them down by ignoring them. Easy. (It’s actually the hardest thing I try to do every day)

Now I mean, the other argument though that’s sparked up since yesterday is something that’s actually going to be difficult to answer I think for a lot of Celtics fans. Should “5” be retired for KG? This blog isn’t about that but I’m just saying, that’s something that’s going to rally the masses and start some hot debate.

Back to Bill though. The guy is seen as a God around here. There’s no doubt about it. And having this guy basically highlight your name as someone who deserves to be labeled as a Celtics legend forever, than nothing else matters.

I love this family thing that the Celtics legends have with each other. It’s like they’re all buddies and have known each other since day one. That’s why it will always be                   Celtics > Everyone else.

And I’ll say it once again for nostalgic reasons. Thank you, Paul.

Written By: Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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