Patriots Week 7 Recap: Pats Get STEAMROLLED by 49ers

This is painful to even have to type out at this point. A three game losing streak? Does that even happen with the New England Patriots? Well yes, it can and it did. The Patriots got BLOWN OUT by the San Francisco 49ers 33-6 at home.

This is the Patriots third straight loss and second straight home loss. Let’s make this quick.

The Run Defense

family guy vomit GIF

Absolutely disgusting. Raheem Mostert was out for this game, so it was supposed to be an advantage for the Patriots. Instead, they had Jeffery Wilson rush for 112 yards and three touchdowns. This run defense has held its own in some games. In this one, the 49ers were running through them like Swiss cheese. It was honestly disgusting.

Jimmy Garoppolo

20/25 with 277 yards and two interceptions isn’t the best in the world. But the 49ers did enough with Garoppolo at the helm and he kept the 49ers ahead all night long. He also threw one of those interceptions at the end of the first half on a Hail Mary type play. This is the guy that a lot of Patriots fans want back next season. Maybe there’s something to it? That’s a future discussion.

Cam Newton and This Offense

I mean…18 points in the past 2 games? 37 total points in the last three games? What are we doing here guys? Cam Newton was supposed to be the guy to save this offense. They looked pretty good the first three weeks. The last three games, there hasn’t been the same mystique and connections on offense. Cam was 9/15 for 98 yards and three interceptions. Jarrett Stidham went 6/10 for 64 yards and an interception of his own.

The offense isn’t holding onto the ball. They’re turning the ball over at will. I mean, how much worse can it possibly get? If you want to be competitive this season, go out and get a playmaker. A legitimate one. Otherwise, might as well try to tank and get the golden boy from Clemson. Yes, I’m talking Trevor Lawrence. I’d even take Justin Fields from Ohio State. Just something to get this offense rolling.

In Conclusion

This team needs to get it together and fast. Cause guess what? You have a date with Josh Allen and the 5-2 Bills in Buffalo on Sunday. It’s getting uglier and uglier by the week. Better say your prayers this week Patriots fans. Otherwise, it’s going to be a long last few months of football.

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-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793)


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