Patriots v.s. Panthers Preseason Recap

The starters came out to play a little bit in the first half of this preseason game. This was probably the closest to regular season action you can get until it really starts. We got to see a quarter and a half of the starting offense, and a full half from the defense, and they looked ready to go.

Brady looked like he was able to continue his success with the guys he has played with. He looked in sync with Phillip Dorsett, as well as Ben Watson. However, he did not look good with undrafted rookie standout Jakobi Meyers. They were not on the same page, and he didn’t do himself any favors by dropping a Brady pass. The minute Stidham touched the field Meyers looked like a stud again. Stidham looked very good too, standing in the pocket and taking hits after he delivered throws and showed some real balls in doing it. Sony Michel also looked fantastic, ripping off some good runs and showing great vision in finding openings in the defense. The offensive line needs to clean up a lot of mistakes that negated good gains though.

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The defense lived up to the hype early on. Holding the Panthers to multiple 3 and outs, and holding them scoreless in the first half. The pass rush looked fantastic, getting to Cam Newton early and getting different groupings together. Michael Bennett looked very good and does not seem to have lost anything. The DBs were all over the receivers as well, not allowing much to get downfield at all.

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We saw no Brian Hoyer in this game, I hope that does not mean the Pats are just gonna roll with 2 QBs and Hoyer is not going to be one of them. Maybe they just wanted to give Stidham as many reps as possible. There was not much action in the whole second half at all. But, I do have to say Jake Bailey was impressive in his first game as the full time punter. One more game for these young guns to make or break their chance at this roster.

-Jake Kobierski (@TheRealKobe83)

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