Patriots vs Jets Preview

Well, the Pats were (kinda) back to form last week. They got a win and clinched the division, and got another double digit win season. They didn’t really look like they were in full form though. Brady certainly didn’t.

If they can replicate that performance, they should still win against the Jets. They need to at least lock up the first round bye, and if by some miracle the Chiefs lose, home field advantage too.

The offense didn’t do anything special last week. They had a heavy running attack and it was very effective. The offensive-line and James Develin have been run blocking like absolute beasts this season, and that should be the same formula to win this game.

They will most likely preserve Sony Michel and James White. We might see them early on, but if they take a good lead there will be a lot of Rex Burkhead and Cordarrelle Patterson. Patterson has become a more and more important part of this offense than anyone expected.

Julian Edelman finally woke up and looked good last week, but I have to imagine him and Gronk will also get some rest in the second half of this game. If Brady steps it up from last week or not will be to be determined, but it won’t decide if the Pats will win this game.

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The Jets offense gave the Packers a run for their money last week, but Sam Darnold could end up being a typical USC QB and not being consistent week to week.

They don’t have a strong running game anymore behind Elijah McGuire, and the receivers are streaky.

Robby Anderson has been exploding as of late, but the Pats have always been able to keep him in check before. A guy like Chris Herndon could hurt them in the red zone, but the corners matchup well against the Jets receivers.

If Gilmore locks up Anderson, the rest should fall in place with Enunwa and Kearse not playing much recently. JC Jackson has been a bright spot recently and might start taking over for Jason McCourty, and these last couple weeks are a tryout for him.

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This would be a huge surprise if the Pats lost at home to the Jets, so they’ll lock up the 2 seed for sure. 31-17 Pats.

-Jake Kobierski (@TheRealKobe83)

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