Patriots Trade For Wide Receiver Mohamed Sanu

The Patriots don’t mess around. Even after a convincing 33-0 victory over the Jets last night, Bill Belichick went back to work this morning. This Patriots team is losing wide receivers every week. Phillip Dorsett was out last week. Josh Gordon was out last night. Julian Edelman has been battling a chest injury the whole year. Well, Belichick went out and got some wide receiver reassurance this morning. The Patriots traded for wide receiver Mohamed Sanu from the Atlanta Falcons in exchange for a second round pick.

It Bolsters The Wide Receiving Core

Like I said before, the Patriots wide receivers have been injured all over the place. But when they all get healthy, imagine how scary they’ll be? When you have Julian Edelman, Mohamed Sanu, Josh Gordon, Phillip Dorsett, AND N’Keal Harry in the fold; you have a lot of weapons to throw to every game. This Patriots receiving core has received questions of doubt all year long. Now with the addition of Sanu, it boosts it up just a little bit more.

There’s A Genuine Excitement Here

Both people in this tweet are excited for different reasons. Sanu is excited to get out of Atlanta and get to a team that is a Super Bowl favorite. Brady is excited to get another solid weapon to throw to for the rest of the season. The two seem ready to work with each other. Will the chemistry develop between them? Stay tuned!

He’s A Good Sized Target

The Patriots are adding a 6’2, 215 pound receiver into the fold. This continues their theme of trying to get Brady big receivers to work with more consistently. Josh Gordon is 6’3. N’Keal Harry is 6’4. Sure, Dorsett and Edelman are on the smaller side, but they still produce. However, having another big receiver can only help for matchups going forward.

In Conclusion

THIS is why people hate the New England Patriots. They go out and get better wherever is necessary. They needed another receiver and they got him. Sanu will love working with Brady and Belichick. Hopefully, there will be no hard feelings for Super Bowl 51. But, that was three years ago. Sanu should be ready to chase another ring, being on the good side this time.

-Alan Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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