Patriots Super Bowl Phenomenon

I’m going to switch it up a little this week. Since millions of people are giving their opinions about what is going to happen in the Super Bowl, I won’t bore you with just another preview of the game. Instead I’m going to run through something I had noticed about this entire dynasty run of Super Bowls, leading up to this one. The coincidences have seemed to continue to grow. All starting with Super Bowl 36 in 2001. I’ll be comparing the Super Bowls in threes, Super Bowl 36 to 49, 38 to 51, and 39 to upcoming 52.

Starting in 2001 with 36, the Pats had previously lost two super bowls (Bears and Packers). Leading up to 2014, they had lost two super bowls (both Giants). Both games were played against teams from the NFC West (Rams and Seahawks) and both teams had historic nicknames (Greatest Show on Turf, and Legion of Boom). And as we all know, both games were won in dramatic fashion. An interception might be the most memorable play from both of these games (Ty Law pick 6, Malcolm Butler game winner). Tom Brady was also named MVP of both of these games.

Comparing 2003 to 2016. They both had one year between the previous season in which they did not make the Super Bowl. Both games were played against teams in the NFC South (Panthers and Falcons. Both games were also played in Houston, and experienced a fireworks show of offense from both teams. Tom Brady was also named MVP in both of these games.

Comparing 2004 to 2017. Both games are back to back Super Bowls, and the 3rd in a 4 year span. Both games are played against the Eagles. After 2004, Charlie Weis and Romeo Crennel, the offensive and defensive coordinators, left for head coaching jobs. Josh McDaniels and Matt Patricia, offensive and defensive coordinators seem to be leaving for head coaching jobs. Now if I were making any predictions based on these crazy coincidences, Super Bowl 39 was the only game that the Patriots did not win on last minute heroics, so I would not expect a crazy finish like the last two have been. In 2004, the Super Bowl MVP was Deion Branch. Branch had a huge out of nowhere playoff performance in the AFC Championship game in which he had 2 touchdowns. Danny Amendola just had a huge performance in the AFC Championship game in which he scored 2 touchdowns. If history repeats itself, it might be worth betting your life savings on Amendola winning MVP.

One thing that does not quite fit into this phenomenon is the NFC North. The Pats have never beat an NFC North team in the Super Bowl, and have not even actually played against one in the Brady/Belichick era. Not really relevant to this game, just a little weird. The Pats also have not had a Super Bowl blowout, so that would be a nice relief on the hearts of New England fans if they could do that this Sunday.  If the dynasty ended in this perfect symmetry, starting out with 3 wins in 4 years, and ending the same way, and Brady and/or Bill road off into retirement after this, I can’t say I would be upset. It would be a satisfying end to a great thing. I know it’s not a preview, but I’ll toss in a score prediction. 31-27 Pats.

Written By: Jake Kobierski (@TheRealKobe83)

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