Patriots Owner Robert Kraft Charged With Solicitation of Prostitution

While New England is still celebrating in the glory that was their 6th Super Bowl title, a bombshell literally dropped today.

Robert Kraft has been charged with two counts of soliciting sex at a massage parlor in Florida. This comes as quite the surprise, considering the Patriots are all about the “Patriot Way”. Plus, this off-season has been relatively quiet compared to last off-season. If you recall last off-season, everyone in the Patriots organization supposedly hated each other.

Should We Have Seen This Coming?

How about when Kraft was hanging out with Meek Mill?

To me, that seems like very suspicious behavior for a 78-year-old NFL owner. This could be a case of Kraft just getting in with the wrong people.

He’s Already Denying It

Kraft is already denying the accusations, according to sources. There also is a warrant out for his arrest, according to sources.

However, some say there is video evidence of the acts occurring.

That isn’t the best of looks when you are denying major accusations such as the ones Kraft is facing.

Bottom Line

This isn’t a great look for the Patriots at the moment. It gives fan bases of other NFL teams material to use over and over again. It has critics and reporters questioning what Robert Kraft really cares about. Personally, I hope this is just a bunch of malarkey and then the Patriots can get back to what really matters: bringing Gronk back and getting ring number 7!

-Alan Nahigian (BigAl2793)

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