Patriots Fans Throw a Tom Brady Jersey on the Rocky Statue, Firing Their First Shot

This probably is something that pisses Philly people off to no end. “You never disrespect our beloved Rocky!” If you’re a Patriots fan with a Brady jersey to spare and you’re in Philly, how do you not do it?

If we’re going to be honest here, this is such a manilla attack it hurts. You can clearly tell which fans have been here before and which fans haven’t. You’ve seen all of the videos by now and my God does it drive me through a wall. Philly fans have just been straight up garbage.

From all of those fans screaming and trying to fight other fanbases, just relax. We get it, you have a reputation to uphold. Is some of their behavior the internet’s fault? Yeah, probably. It’s like when you laugh at a little kid’s joke. His little meathead brain doesn’t understand that it was funny that one time. Now that you’ve done the same thing over and over, it kind of sucks.

The only thing I like about Philly fans is that I get the sense that there are people rooting for the Patriots just so they can watch them crash and burn.

Listen, any fanbase causing physical harm on another is just scummy. And yeah, I get it, it isn’t all of you. I know some Eagles fans and they’re cool. So ‘sup some of Philly’s fanbase, I respect you. The ones that we are seeing all over the internet right now though, my GOD.

Throwing things at other fan bases isn’t cool. And the worst part is that all of these cavemen have this mob mentality where if you go after someone for hitting your mom with a beer, you’re going to get beatdown by 12 different people.

They just stink and the worst part it, I like Yankee fans more than them at this point. Yeah, they’re scummy; but they’re insult scummy. Say whatever you want, but don’t throw things at people or try to pick fights.

So the Patriots fired their first soft shot. If the Eagles want to start a war and get a reaction out of someone, well, the Boston fanbase is the one to probably do it. By no means am I saying in this blog that Boston fans are angels because there are a lot of dirtbags too. BUT again, if there is a group of fans who will come back hard if poked, it’s Boston.

I’m jacked up for the content that will be coming out of Minnesota this week when the two fanbases collide because I have the feeling that it’s going to get a wild.

Written By: Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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