Patriots draft target: John Metchie III

I know we’re looking forward to the Super Bowl in a few weeks. But I’m a Patriots fan first and I’m looking forward to the future. One thing in the future to look forward to is the 2022 NFL draft. The Patriots hold the 21st pick in the NFL Draft. One name that is intriguing to me is John Metchie III out of Alabama. Now, Metchie probably won’t be a first round pick cause of his injury. But here are a few reasons why John Metchie III should be a draft target of the Patriots.

John Metchie III and his Relationship with Patriots QB Mac Jones

The Alabama receiver has a connection with Patriots quarterback Mac Jones. The two played together at Alabama during their 2020 National Championship. During that season, Metchie III had 55 receptions and six touchdowns. The year after Mac was drafted by the Patriots, Metchie had 96 receptions and eight touchdown receptions in his junior season. These two have played together for the best college team in the country. Wouldn’t it only make sense for the two to link up with a top pro team in the country?

John Metchie III and his Ability to Create Separation

The big thing with the Patriots is not having that vertical speedy threat down the field at wide receiver. This is where John Metchie III can be of use. He has incredible speed and can be an elite threat at the NFL level. If Metchie III can pan out as a good downfield threat, the Patriots receiving core becomes that much better. That allows for guys like Jakobi Meyers and Kendrick Bourne to work with more room on the field. It could be a lot of fun.

John Metchie III will be around for the Patriots in Round Two

I really believe the Patriots can get Metchie III in round two of the draft. His injury really hurt his draft stock. So teams might not be as willing to take a chance on him. If he’s around in round two, or even round three or four; the Patriots should take a chance on the talented receiver.

In Conclusion

John Metchie III is an interesting draft target for the Patriots. Is he 100% healthy? If he is, he could be a big help to the Patriots. It would be a similar situation to the Bengals with them drafting Ja’Mar Chase for Joe Burrow. Get Mac a familiar college teammate that he has chemistry with and see how it goes. Who do you want to see the Patriots take in the upcoming draft? Let the discussions begin!

-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793 on Twitter)

Featured Image Credit: complex.com

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