Patrick Reed Is Not Happy With the PGA Tour’s Seat Selection For His Free Tickets to Last Night’s Red Sox Game

Okay so maybe he paid $650 dollars to have his seats upgraded and it sounds like he ultimately had to sit with the REST of the PGA Tour last night at Fenway, but talk about being rattled over something that probably doesn’t affect you much. Do the guys in the PGA suck to hang out with? Have you spent all of the money that you’ve made from winning The Masters?


I’m not huge into golf but I’ll watch it occasionally. I know what’s going on and who’s who just based off of Twitter. And what I’ve learned about Patrick Reed is that this guy hates to enjoy things. First of all, I hate people who try and sound sarcastic and angry on Twitter when things don’t go their way with some major companies. You are the reigning Masters champion. If you have a problem with the PGA, go talk to them. I’m assuming that you could just do that. No schmuck like me is going to read this on Twitter and be like, “Yeah! Down with the PGA! I bet they hate homeless children too!” Like, what are you gaining from this?

So does this guy just hate everyone on the PGA Tour? Listen, I’m a frequent Fenway Park goer and those are some prime seats. Sure, you could get lit up with a liner, but just, I don’t know, pay attention to the baseball game and you’ll make it out of there alive. Especially where those seats are, you have plenty of time to see one fired in your direction and react.

Patrick Reed hates everything and everyone. I’ll give the guy this though, he knows how to stick to his brand.

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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