Patricia and Quinn Tossed Out of Detroit Like Bad Thanksgiving Leftovers

It’s an early Christmas gift to the fans in Detroit today. The Lions have fired Head Coach Matt Patricia and General Manager Bob Quinn after the teams 4-7 start. It’s not a shock either, since Lions fans and ex players have been calling for the firing since last year. I do feel bad for the Lions.

It Started Out Good….

Detroit Lions General Manager Bob Quinn, left, new head coach Matt Patricia, team owner Martha Firestone-Ford, and team president Rod Wood, pose for a photo during Patricia’s introductory press conference as the new Lions head coach at their team headquarters in Allen Park, on Wednesday, February 7, 2018.

For Matt Patricia, he started coaching for collages in 1999 as the Defensive Line coach for Amherst College. He would stay on for 2 seasons until moving along to Syracuse University for 4 seasons as their Offensive Graduate Assistant. Patricia got his first NFL start with the New England Patriots under coach Bill Belichick in 2004 as his Offensive Assistant. Patricia would go to serve under New England for 14 seasons, including being their Defensive Coordinator from 2012-2017. He would win 2 out of his 3 Super Bowls in that position.

For Bob Quinn, he is a Norwood Mass native graduating from Norwood High School. After attending college at the University of Connecticut, he joined the New England Patriots in 2000 as a Player Personal Assistant.  Quinn would spend the next 16 seasons with the Patriots, primarily as their Director of Pro Scouting. Quinn was hired by the Detroit Lions as their General Manager in 2016.  For the 2018 season, Quinn convinced Patricia to take the reigns as the new head coach of the Detroit Lions.

And Headed South…

Neither Patricia nor Quinn had winning seasons within the Lions organization.  Not saying over the years the Lions haven’t had their issues with coaches, and even their GM’s, however this is who they wanted. They went out and acquired Quinn due to success of the Patriots, and his scouting capability. Of course Quinn needed a defensive minded coach and with agreeing with Patricia in 2018 he believed the Lions had a chance to turn the franchise around.

Unfortunately that did not come to pass. Patricia went 13-28-1 in 42 games for the Lions as their head coach. It’s always known that a new coach may not be positive within their team for the first year or two, Patricia showed heavy decline. Quinn faired no better, as GM his record was 31-43-1 out of 75 games. Neither having that winning formula in Detroit.

Toph’s Final Word

Let me say, us here in Boston always look for the local boys and girls to come out on top and succeed. It’s a Boston thing. Bob Quinn would have been one of them. Sadly he didn’t have what it took to draft or lead the Lions to anywhere but a losing Record. What’s worse is Matt Patricia taking over a locker room that already was steaming about losing their coach, Jim Caldwell after 3 seasons. Caldwell was the first Lions coach to have a winning record in more than 1 season since Joe Schmidt.

I personally think Caldwell and Patricia got the crap end of the stick. To only go 3 or less seasons with your coaches and fire them due to bad seasons. You aren’t letting the turn over happen, and expecting magic within your first season. The turnover in GM’s and Head Coaches is not something that will get you to the playoffs. I myself will admit Patricia is a damn good coach. Sadly he did not have the respect of the locker room nor did he win over fans. This of course was his downfall in Detroit.

Lets hope his coaching career isn’t over.


Toph @angry_turnip80




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  • Peter

    He will be back with the patriots in a month , bill gets both his children back and they become good again lol


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