Ole Out: Manchester United Fans Tired Of Excuses

After a disappointing matchday eight performance against Leicester City, Manchester United fans are demanding Ole Out. If you are on Twitter, you probably saw that quickly after the match ended, the hashtag #OleOut started trending.

As an avid Manchester United fan, I can’t help but to share that feeling as well. The amount of excuses at this point for a team that should be performing at top levels, are just running old and at this time, I can’t say that I’m not Ole Out as of now. However, let’s see the reasons and potential replacements that Manchester United fans are currently discussing after that devastating loss at King Power Stadium.

Why Do United Fans Want Ole Out?

Pressure is quickly amounting for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer this season and for many reasons. Allow me to share those with you here.

Primary Reason:

Solskjaer came to Manchester United as a caretaker after a disgusting season managed by the “Special One” Jose Mourinho. Jose was sacked and from there, its been five seasons since Solskjaer has been at the helm of this club.

Within those five seasons, United has yet to win any trophies. While yes, Ole has managed to bring this club back to Champions League action and to the top of the table, trophies and these tournaments have just yet not been his strongest suits. In example, last year in the UEFA Europa League, United got to the final against a Villareal side looking to make history. Of course, while many predicted that would be the year for United to get their trophy, United unfortunately choked and Villareal won it.

Secondary Reason:

Speed forward, the English Premier League 2021/22 season rolls around. During a difficult time for Manchester United as the Glazers finally decided to get Ed Woodward out of its operations, United managed to secure a decent transfer window that would bring strong talent to a United roster that desperately needed it. Talent the likes of Jadon Sancho, Rafael Varane and club legend, Cristiano Ronaldo. As a fan, you would think this is the time finally be excited. However, eight weeks into Premier League action and if one must be honest, a performance that has left LOTS to be desired. Nevertheless, factoring performances in the Champions League that have been weak to say it nicely. Let’s not forget that this is the club that took a loss in week one against a Young Boys club while loaded with talent to have done otherwise.

Add All That Together…

Unfortunately, when this has been a club that has managed to be one of the most victorious clubs in English history, how does a fan feel after all of this? It’s simple, reality sets in and quickly you realize that at this point, its not the players anymore. It’s time for a change.

Who Could Replace Ole At Manchester United?

Antonio Conte – Ex Inter Milan Manager

Antonio Conte leaves Inter Milan after winning Serie A title; linked with  Tottenham manager job - Eurosport

(Image credit to Eurosport.com)

The ex-Inter Milan coach left the Italian side after winning the Serie A trophy with his former club. After winning that trophy, Conte was rumored to make a move to the English Premier League as Tottenham was looking for a new boss to replace Jose Mourinho. However, after much back and forth, those negotiations landed with Conte still unemployed and a free agent.

If you look at Conte’s resume, this is a man used to winning trophies and with a philosophy for the game like no other. While he is known for a 5-3-2 formation style of play, Conte is also knowing for developing young talent and bringing out the best of them. When it comes to Manchester United, this is a team needing that. Looking at his short time with Chelsea, Conte accomplished a Premier League title and a FA Cup title in under two years. For me as a fan, Conte is option #1 at the moment.

Another Option Is?

Zinedine Zidane – Ex Real Madrid Manager. 

Many Manchester United fans are considering this the way to go. For me, I am also a Real Madrid fan and while Zidane was successful at Madrid, his departure was a bit messy and felt like a Mourinho-style of exit at Madrid. Yes, Zidane has experience dealing with Varane and Ronaldo. However, we’ve seen what happens when this happens. If not, just ask James Rodriguez about how much he loves Rafa Benitez, LOL.

In Conclusion…

For Manchester United fans, the options to get Ole Out of United are more than the aforementioned names, clearly. However, with the January Transfer window approaching, there is more to do at this club than replace the manager.

For starters, this club needs an additional center-back defender and quickly. Maguire and Lindelöf are no longer than answer, if we are being honest, were they ever? Secondly, it’s time to move on from Fred. If you are noticing a pattern here, you should! Both of the needs United need to address come as repercussions of the “Special One” and his departure from this club.

Lastly, have got to figure out what to do with David De Gea. Simply, his inconsistencies are something that needed to be addressed long ago and that have yet to be taken care of. Why continue to let someone like Dean Henderson just warm up a bench spot when in reality, he’s a solid option for this club in net.

Troubling times ahead for United, that’s for sure! Can’t expect that Cristiano Ronaldo is very happy with all of this.

However, one thing fans can all agree on is the following: Ole Out please and now!

(Featured Image credit to Twitter.com)

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