Offensive NFL Free Agents Still on the Market

Free Agency came and went really fast this offseason. It seems like a lot of talented players kind of got left behind. There are a good amount of veterans still available and with plenty to offer to NFL teams. Here is a list of some of the best offensive players still on the market, and some solid landing spots for them.

Dez Bryant – The obvious best player still available, we all know Dez has top 10 receiver ability. So why does he remained unsigned? He has had on and off the field attitude issues, but there have been much worse players that teams have taken chances on. Maybe teams think “the Cowboys must know something we don’t.” I would till be very surprised if he is unsigned at the start of the season. I could see Baltimore taking a shot on him, as they are hungry for some receiver talent. Rumors have swirled around Green Bay, but it seems like they are happy with Davante Adams replacing Jordy Nelson. Maybe the Jets take a shot, they could use a number one threat, and he is similar to receivers of that type they have signed in the past (Plaxico Burress, Braylon Edwards, Brandon Marshall).

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Eric Decker – Decker still has a lot to offer at a low risk for many teams. The only risk with him is that he can not stay healthy recently, but you could say the same for many players. He could easily be the number 2 receiver on a team and make key plays. The Redskins and Bears are teams that need receiver depth, after losing some this offseason. Rumors have swirled around the Patriots, and although a good fit, it seems like the receiver position is already too crowded. The Panthers have needed more targets for Cam for years now, and might be a place Decker could prove his worth.

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DeMarco Murray – Murray had a down year last season, but had some bright points. He proved he can run the ball as well as still catch the ball out of the backfield. He seems to have great seasons every other year, so this is the year for teams to take a shot on the veteran back. The Colts seem to have put their faith in Marlon Mack, but Murray could provide solid relief for him and run between the tackles. The Broncos don’t seem to have a solid number one back either, and him and Devontae Booker could spell eachother well. The Bucs let Doug Martin go, and look like a committee approach, but Murray would make sense to fill his void as well.

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Antonio Gates – Although Gates has gotten up high in years, it is clear he still wants to play, and is still capable of it. He is still a very legit red zone threat, and would be a great pacifier for young QB’s. I’m sure Phillip Rivers would love to have him back with Hunter Henry done for the year with an early ACL tear. A team like Arizona would benefit from having him as well, to help Josh Rosen transition into the league.

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Julius Thomas – Another once terrifying red zone threat, Thomas has lost what he once dominated. He is still a huge athletically built tight end that many teams could use, especially with the gap of talent there is at tight end. It’s like there’s Gronk, Kelce, and everyone else. Dallas does not seem to have made a big push to replace Jason Witten, and Thomas could team up well with a QB like Dak. The Rams are a good tight end away from having maybe the most potent offense in the NFL, and Thomas would be a low risk shot for them at that position.

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Adrian Peterson – It seems like AP’s time has come in the NFL, but he is not ready to quit just yet. He did not fit well with the Saints last year, but had some serious breakouts in Arizona. Maybe he doesn’t find a home until midseason again after a talented back takes an injury. It wouldn’t hurt anyone to sign him as an insurance policy now though. Buffalo does not have a power back to compliment Shady, and he has been injury prone himself, making that a solid landing spot for Peterson. The 49ers invested in Jerick McKinnon, and Matt Breida was good, but AP is better at banging between the tackles, and might teach those guys a thing or two. That would also be a good reason for the Giants to sign him, he could be a great teacher for Saquon Barkley, and help him become the next big thing to hit the league.

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-Jake Kobierski

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