Noah Syndergaard and Trevor Bauer engage in a social media fracas

There was a bunch of hullabaloo on Twitter last night between injured Mets ace Noah Syndergaard and new Dodgers ace Trevor Bauer. 

It started as a friendly dig on social media by Syndergaard regarding on how Bauer chose the Dodgers over the Mets. Then it turned into a full blown ballyhoo between the two pitchers. 

After a drawn out process this offseason, Bauer finally reached an agreement on where he would play in 2021. The reigning National League Cy Young winner signed a three-year, $102 million deal with the Dodgers. 

An Actual Bauer Outage

Prior to making his announcement, there was a picture that was leaked of a signed Mets hat on Bauer’s website. The giveaway had over 800 entries in mere minutes. Fans would tweet pictures of emails from Bauer’s website, “Bauer Outage”, thanking them for signing up. In the email, it also stated “I can’t wait to take the mound in New York!”

Fans and players alike were waiting for the news that Bauer finally agreed to sign in Queens. Then the site crashed and the Mets giveaway was gone and so was Bauer.

The Shot Heard Around MLB Twitter

Thor is the Norse god of thunder, the sky and agriculture. Syndergaard who stands an imposing 6-foot-6, with blonde locks and a plus fastball with a great slider rattled some thunder on Twitter. 

In what felt like the rap battle from the movie 8 Mile, the two would throw Twitter shade back and forth. The exchange was something out of a rap battle where the two would put each other down for laughs. Bauer is no stranger to music, he did release a mix tape after all.

Syndergaard would retweet a picture of New York Mets spring training with, “And then he said……I’m sorry I chose another team but ‘ll donate to your charities!”

Bauer would respond, his response was less than convivial. 

“When mistakes are made, you try to make them right,” he wrote. “I know you wouldn’t know anything about making mistakes though. Hope rehab is treating you well. Was good to see you back throwing”, tweeted Bauer. 

The new Dodgers right-hander would go to call out Syndergaard over his treatment of fans on social media. Bauer would post screenshots of remarks from Syndergaard’s shirtless workout last week. A fan took a shot at Syndergaard posting shirtless pics. The Mets ace responded with, “it’s humid in Florida and I’m chillin you dumbass.” In another, after a fan wrote he should put a shirt on “u toolbag,” Syndergaard brought the person’s wife in the fray.

“Show it to your wife,” he wrote. “Guaranteed she wouldn’t want to me to put a shirt on… you might actually get laid bc of that but she’ll be thinking of me.”

“Keep Digging” and reading…

Bauer digging up old comments on social media can be fun when you’re trying to razz friends but its weird when a professional athlete does it against another. 

Bauer is the king of getting in the last word, like the scorned girlfriend needing to get the upper hand. He would respond to Syndergaard’s tweet with, “See you at the bottom.”



As Bauer and Syndergaard are on their phones feverishly looking for old tweets, IG comments and MySpace posts the baseball world remains entertained. While this isn’t the ideal way for the league to grow the game, people are talking and reading about it. 

This will also set up some great theater this season between the Mets and Dodgers. The underlining story line of how Bauer left the Mets at the alter holding the bag and trolling the fan base. Add the next layer of the Bauer and Syndergaard feud that is sweeping the nation. Move over San Diego, the Mets and Dodgers might be baseball’s most favorite rivalry. 

Spring Training has literally just begun, there has been a handful of workouts. Bauer and Syndergaard are already swinging for the fences. 

Last season had the terrible pandemic we’re still living through looming over the players and the games. This year it feels like we’re focusing on baseball and growing the game. Who’s ready for Opening Day? 

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– Chris Henrique (@ChrisHenrique on Twitter)

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